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    Ensign Robin Lefler was a female Human 24th century Starfleet offr and engineer. Lefler's parents were plasma specialists that were in short supply in a certain sector. This meant they were traveling from base to base during her childhood. Lefler therefore could neither call a place'home' nor develop friendships, jokingly claiming her first friend had been a tricorder. She graduated from

  • Gender: Female
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    Wesley Crusher : Maybe there's more going on here than we thought. What if someone's trying to use the game for some purpose other than pleasure Ensign Lefler : Then Data would be a threat to that plan.

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    Lillian "Lily" Crusher was a female human Starfleet medical offr aboard the USS Valiant.She was the daughter of Captain Wesley Crusher of the USS Victory and Commander Robin Lefler of the USS Excelsior.She is also the granddaughter of Dr. Beverly Crusher. Early Life. Lillian is the daughter of Starfleet offr Wesley Crusher and his ex-girlfriend, Robin Lefler from the USS Excelsior.

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    OverviewBiographyStarfleet careerStarfleet AcademyWhen Lillian was 13 years old, the USS Excelsior was assigned to tour in the quadrant. Knowing that the ship with be far away from Federation space, her mother, Robin Leftler decided to send Lillian aboard the newly commisioned Victory, where her father, Wesley Crusher isUSS VoyagerIn 2377, after Voyager returned via the Borg transwarp hub she was asked by Captain Kelly Martin to be the chief medical offr aboard Voyager, she had a lot of friends and new assignments as chief medical offr of Voyager she held the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.在memorydelta.fandom上查看更多信息 · 文本受 CC-BY-SA 许可证保护
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    Oct 25, 2017· As much as I despise Robin Lefler for the fact that she had a brief romance with Wesley Crusher, I thought this would be cool. Song: Umbrella by Rihanna (Slo

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    (Played by Ashley Judd). Starfleet engineer serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2368, and the compiler of her own "Lefler's Laws" about life. Both her parents served in Starfleet. Lefler had a brief romance with Wesley Crusher, and was instrumental with Crusher in preventing the Enterprise crew and the rest fo Starfleet from falling prey to an addictive computer game used in a

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    Wesley Crusher : Maybe there's more going on here than we thought. What if someone's trying to use the game for some purpose other than pleasure Ensign Lefler : Then Data would be a threat to that plan.

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    Cadet Wesley Crusher, Eventually, Wesley and his new girlfriend, Ensign Robin Lefler, are the only people on the ship who have yet to become addicted to the game. Wesley and Robin discover that Data's injuries were in fact sabotage, and begin ing on a plan to stop the spread of the game. Wesley meets Robin in engineering, where he

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    This is a story that started as one thing and became another. AU that follows Wesley Crusher as he rejoins the crew of the Enterprise. It starts with some awkwardness and fluff involving Robin Lefler. Then focuses on Data reincarnating Lal in a new way. Will she be the same Is this really a good idea

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    Nov 21, 2007· Watch out. It's pissed! It does the same thing when the doctor tells it to calm down earlier in the episode.

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    Nov 01, 2006· Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton in his first appearance since the fourth season episode "Final Mission") comes onboard for a break from Starfleet Academy. There he falls in love with Ensign Robin Lefler (Ashley Judd in her second TNG appearance), and the two start investigating the increasing popularity of the game.

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    Dec 30, 2014· Wesley Crusher, previously acting ensign onboard the Starship Enterprise-D and now a cadet at Star Fleet Academy may have been brutally raped during a fraternity initiation. The story, entitled "A Rape at Star Fleet Academy" tells how cadet Crusher was thrown onto a table filled with broken

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    Mar 13, 2018· Wesley Crusher's lack of growth makes no sense, given that as the youngest of the team he should constantly be growing and changing. Even in episodes where his character should be learning and growing, he strangely backtracks, such as in "Pen Pals", when he was left in command of the science team.

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    “Ready, Mr. Crusher,” Barclay said over his shoulder. “Computer, please activate Lal hologram Beta test D,” Crusher commanded. Lal appeared in front of them. She looked just as she had when Wesley activated her the first time. She blinked tw and then smiled slightly.

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    Feb 19, 2014· Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise for a visit to find that the entire crew is becoming addicted to a small video game that Riker was introduced to during a jaunt to Risa. Riker, Dr. Crusher and Troi deactivate Data as he would not be effected by the game, purposely spread it everyone on board to get them addicted as well. Wesley and his new girlfriend Lt. Robin Lefler discover the

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    Robin Lefler. An offr serving on the Starship Enterprise-D, under Captain Picard. The part-time girlfriend of Wesley Crusher. Selar. Vulcan doctor on board the USS Enterprise under Captain Jean

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    Oct 26, 1991· Directed by Corey Allen. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise on vacation from the Academy only to discover a mysterious alien game infiltrating and controlling the crew.