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    Sep 11, 2003· A slu (/ s l u s / SLOOS) is a water channel controlled at its head by a gate.A mill race, leet, flume, penstock or lade is a slu channelling water toward a water mill.The terms slu, slu gate, knife gate, and slide gate are used interchangeably in the water and wastewater control industry.. A slu gate is traditionally a or metal barrier sliding in grooves that are set in

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    Sep 17, 2019· How Slu Boxes Work Running a slu box is one of my favorite methods of prospecting. With relatively little equipment to pack in, a prospector can move a lot of material and develop a good amount of concentrates in a day. Slus also have the advantage of being hand fed, non-powered equipment, so no gas to pack, no smoke to inhale and no noise to spoil a quiet

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    Aug 04, 2015· The fourth type of slu gate is the needle gate, which operates on the same hydrodynamic principle as a needle dam. Each needle gate features an array of large, thick, freestanding needles braced vertically against a horizontal scaffold. The pressure of the water flowing through the gate holds the needles in place. Miniature slu gates

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    The use of a bucket may prevent any loss of all gold that could occur when attempting to rinse out the matting in a gold pan! Next, examine the empty slu box trough. Gold has a tendency to its way beneath the matting which often lies at the bottom of the trough. You may be surprised at the amount of "color" that can accumulate there.

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    May 14, 2019· There are many different designs and shapes of slu boxes. They all basically the same. The Gold is 19.3 times denser than water. Slu boxes just use that principal on a large scale. Water enters the slu and carries the gold bearing material down the slu. The heavier gold will drop out of the current of the water and become trapped.

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    A slu box usually has a flare at the top end, this increases water flow through the box, which in turn will help you extract the gold (once flow is not too fast). For a slu box to at optimum efficiency there should be no white water showing in the slu box this indicates turbulent flow which will lead to you losing gold.

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    Feb 05, 2012· Introduction A slu gate is provided, in the path of a river or a stream, to regulate the flow of water. For doing so, the slu gate is made to move up and down with the help of rollers fixed to the vertical plates (called skin plates) which travel on vertical rails called guides.These rails are fixed on piers or vertical walls as shown in Figure.

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    Gold miners are generally an inventive group, and building a homemade slu box is both cost effective and fun. Slu boxes are really a fairly simple design, and with a little bit of and design, any prospector should be able to build a n slu that will very well at capturing gold.

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    Sep 25, 2020· A slu gate is a mechanism used to control water flow. These devs are often used in water treatment plants, mining, dams, fields, and cranberry bogs, among other places. The gates are typically made of or metal, and often slide vertically on a frame to open or close, allowing water to flow out of a space or to be contained in it.

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    During the Gold Rush slus were first used to the extremely rich bench deposits "terrace" gavels" which lined the banks of many Mother Lode Rivers. As time passed it became clear that slu boxes could be used for ing other types of gold-bearing material, to include ancient river channel deposits located hundreds of feet above the

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    As water moves through the slu box, rocks, small, objects, sand, and gold get trapped in different layers called riffles. The dev s more effectively when compared to gold panning as the act of separation is done by a machine and not by hand.

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    The idea is to position a slu box in a running stream so that the water does the -- separating the dirt and rocks away from the gold. Since gold is heavy, it will stay in the bottom of the slu, trapped in the miner's moss. A good rule of thumb is to set your slu at a grade of one inch per foot of drop.

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    To find a lot of gold, you have to pan a lot of dirt. Panning is not a good method for separating the gold from a lot of dirt. It takes too long and is far too much . There are other methods besides panning to separate gold from dirt though. A slu is a dev that separates gold from dirt using the power of running water.

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    Slu boxes use riffles to capture and hold find gold that is shoveled into the slu box. Riffles do a great job of slowing the gold down, but some type of matting underneath the riffles is required to hold the gold and help prevent it from blowing out the bottom.

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    Sep 20, 2018· We find some amazing gold using our Gold Fox Trommel and test out the latest and most advanced fluid bed slu on the market The Grizzly Gold Trap! We fin

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    Feb 13, 2011· Just make yourself an auto feeder on a stand out of another piece of gutter or a V shaped piece of sheet metal with it tapering down to a funnel tip with a trickle of water to wash the cons into your cleanup slu and go pump aluminum and check on the slu/feeder from time to time, you can also buy an auto fedder if you don't want to make one, there are several

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    Slu gates can be furnished for conventional closure, with bronze seats completely around the periphery, or for flush-bottom closure, with a resilient seal across the bottom of the gate. In the normal gate installation, the operating thrust is taken on the floor or a separate support above the gate. Most slu gates can be furnished as self